Life After campus: Graduate Unemployment.

Life After Campus: Graduate Unemployment.

“Your attitude is like a price tag, it shows how valuable you are”

The importance of having the right attitude took center stage on Wednesday, 16th August 2017 when the Fola Ogunsola foundation made a stop at the University of Lagos career week.

The facilitating team made up of Mrs Fola Ogunsola, Dr Isac Ofilli and Mr Wale Ogunsola took turns to talk on graduate unemployment and life after campus.

Mrs Fola Ogunsola set the ball rolling by identifying factors responsible for graduate unemployment. She listed the factors to be Attitude ,Personal development Drive, Cv and personal packaging, Professional certification and information. She went further in debunking the notion that there are no jobs in the economy. Dr Ofilli in his talk reiterated the importance of attitude in the development of a person while also taking time to highlight the importance of having God in all things . Mr Wale Ogunsola put the icing on the cake by sharing practical instances to buttress points raised by other facilitators.

The event was not a one- sided affair as the students had the opportunity to satisfy their curiosity as well as share their opinion.



Wale Osoba


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